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We are Ascii AI

At the core of our operations, AI-driven data and advanced analytics are pivotal in empowering organizations to expand their AI integration and facilitate wider accessibility. Our extensive expertise spans designing robust architectures and bringing research to life in industry-standard applications and strategies. We're committed to guiding enterprises through the complexities of adopting AI, ensuring that innovation is both scalable and democratized.

Innovative AI Solutions
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Our Vision

To lead AI innovation for a brighter, more inclusive future.

Our vision is to be at the forefront of AI advancement, creating a world where artificial intelligence seamlessly integrates into everyday life, augments human capabilities, and contributes to a more sustainable and inclusive future. We aim to lead the way in developing AI technologies that are ethical, accessible, and beneficial for all.

  • 2023 Year Founded
  • 6+ Projects
  • 25+ Publications
  • 10+ Team members
Our Success

Milestones & Achievements

Award Winning AI Startup

Award Winning AI Startup

Our innovative approach to AI solutions earned us the prestigious 'AI Pioneer' award in 2022.


Patent Filed for AI Technology

Patent Filed for AI Technology

Secured a patent in 2023 for our groundbreaking machine learning algorithms that significantly improve data processing speeds.


Expansion to New Markets

Expansion to New Markets

Successfully expanded our operations into three new countries, increasing our global footprint and client base.


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