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SalesInsight360 is an AI-driven platform transforming online marketing and sales. It uses advanced algorithms and data analytics to offer businesses unprecedented insights into their online store performance. With accurate sales and product volume predictions, it empowers data-driven decision-making, boosting online sales potential. Insight 360 is more than a tool; it’s a strategic partner for digital marketplace success.


Lucky Bags are more than just a cornhole bag company; they&apos:re a passionate and dedicated brand committed to ensuring that every cornhole player, regardless of their skill level or experience, can find the perfect bag to enhance their game. At Lucky&apos:s, they understand that cornhole is more than just a backyard pastime; it&apos:s a beloved tradition, a competitive sport, and a source of endless fun for people of all ages. They&apos:re driven by the belief that the right cornhole bag can make all the difference in the world, and they&apos:re here to serve your needs, providing a wide range of meticulously crafted cornhole bags designed to cater to players at every level.


They mostly sell their cornhole bags through their website. However, maintaining sales and gaining insights became a significant challenge, especially during the period leading up to championship leagues. Recognizing the need to efficiently manage and analyze their sales data, Lucky&apos:s approached ASCII to develop a desktop application capable of extracting vital sales information from their website. The aim was to provide them with actionable insights, such as determining which bags to produce, when to produce them, managing bounce rates, and deciding the appropriate commission percentages to allocate to leagues.


They placed a high premium on the UI/UX aspect of the application, being industry leaders. Crafting an eye-catching desktop app proved to be a challenge that ASCII was ready to embrace. We approached this endeavor armed with the latest design and development techniques, determined to create a visually appealing and user-friendly interface that would not only meet but exceed Lucky&apos:s expectations.